Ladermanufaktur GmbH Dieselstraße 52, 33334 Gütersloh | LM Turbo Upgrade Direktvertrieb KolbenKraft. LM Upgrade Turbochargers are famous for its stability, rapid spool and broad rpm range. That is why hundreds of tuners world-wide have installed and tuned them permanently up to now: No reclamations from customers, simple mounting and remapping, and fast production & delivery

Ladermanufaktur LM820 BMW S55 B30 Upgrade Turbolader M3 F80 M4 F82 CS Competition M2 F87 Coupe Hybrid Ladermanufaktur

Summer Deal:
LM440 IS38 & IS20

                 2.0 TSI EA888 Gen.3


VAG MQB (2013 – 2020) Hybrid Turbochargers

Ladermanufaktur GmbH and PNP-Turbo are specialised in developing OEM turbochargers and upgrade hybrids for VAG, BMW, AMG and Porsche motorsports. Each LM Turbo is exclusivley produced at the factory in Guetersloh, Germany by Florian Gnegel and his team. Their passion, unique technical facilities, innovative expertise lead to results LM is famous for: Durability & stability, immediate & rapid spool and the broadest rpm ranges full of torque. That is why you can call LM customers the real champions.